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02-14-2010, 04:56 PM
Myself I tried forming a team the other day to try and blow it up, we managed to get 10-12 ppl but the remaining others were enough to screw it up. (not counting the fact that we had hard time just getting all 12 ppl in the same instance because it was full)

I wouldn't mind if they kept the difficulty level as it is, but at least have the ability to create our own instance and lock it as suggested in this thread.

About the mines however, there is something I'm not sure about. In the many instances I've been, the entity always endsup healing 3% every 30 seconds or so, regardless if I or others were using mines or not. I have been using mines to keep the kiting fragments under control (I've been in an instance once where there was so many fragments that the actual entity was blinking in and out, seemed like too much fragments were flying around). Past the 30-35% barrier however, using mines becomes problematic because of the large fragments, these, as all of us here know, split up and spawns the 3 returning small fragments that heals the CE.

I think that those that know how to kite are ok, even if they don't understand the large fragment thing. The problem is those rushing in, guns blazing, ramming shards and respawning. That strategy is fine, until 30-35% where hitting the large ones creates the healing problem, and you quickly endup to levels you were at a few minutes ago...

So, imho, if there would be a possibility to have a restricted instance, password protect or invite only like you can on the bridges or some similar solution, that would at least give us a chance!