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02-14-2010, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
..... was at the end of "The Inner Light" (season 5 of TNG) where Picard is looking out the porthole, holding the Ressikan flute.
Picard brooding orr silent is one oef the most powerful scenes in Trek TV. 1. The inner light scene at the end with him looking at the flute was one of my top.

2. Another was in "Preemptive Strike" where Riker tells Picard about Lr. Ro and leaves Picard alone.....seeing Picard sitting silent, you can feel the hearbrokeness.

Those are my top 2 in all of trek shows. I was too young for ST:2 Spock scene.

My other top moments was (trying to keep it spolier free):

3. Chekov asking Cold War America for Nuclear Wessels....
4. Jadzia Dax modeling her TOS uniform
5. Any scenes with Garak.
6. Damar at the series finale.
7. The entire episode of "Cause and Effect"
8. Final shot of Undiscovered Country.
9. Enterprise coming out of Warp Guns blazing in Star Trek (2009)
10. The final seconds of Kirks's dad screaming "I love you" to his wife.