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02-14-2010, 06:05 PM
Short Term Goals

1. Revamp the chat system. We need to be able to have multiple windows open simultaneously. From what I have experienced, people hardly chat, especially in teams. I believe this is because switching between tabs while playing is just too much trouble.

2. Add a voice chat system. It seems to be pretty standard with most games of this type these days.

3. Star Trek music for a Star Trek game. I'd like to hear the Klingon battle theme when I am playing a Klingon. I would like to hear DS9 music when I zone into DS9. Each ST series had music it frequently used for combat or tense situations. Where is that?

Medium Term Goals

1. Full 3D movement for ships. Or, at a minimum, change the maximum up / down axis to 90 degrees. Executing a simple roll at the 90 degree limit makes doing a loop possible, instead of having to 'spiral' your way up or down.

2. More Memory Alpha type research stations.

3. Put a time limit on some missions to give a chance for failure. Good examples are when you have to disarm 5 spacial charges to save hostages on a ship, or rescue prisoners from a camp or station before an enemy vessel arrives to take them away.

Long Term Goals

1. Add more factions; i.e., Romulans, Cardassians, Breen, and their associated races.

2. Add faction-neutral classes of Smuggler and Salvage Ship captain.
a. Smugglers 'smuggle'. A new smuggler captain has a ship with some hidden compartments. He has a few contacts he has learned while working for someone else. As he conducts his business and talks with NPC's in different places, he develops more. Finding some new contacts is a mission all in itself. If caught, a smuggler may get a mission such as 'go to this outpost in Klingon territory and pick up or drop off an agent. If you succeed, your discretion is overlooked.

b. Salvage Ship - Salvage ships roam the quadrant looking for wrecks. There are thousands of wrecked ships from the Dominion war adrift, many of them off in deep space out of normal 'trade routes'. Salvage ships strip wrecks of expensive metals, and anything else they can find, especially weapons, sensor arrays, deflector dishes, warp drives, and control systems and any data that can be retrieved from computers. Salvage captains sell their wares to whomever will pay. Or, they outfit their ships with systems they can use. Working cloaking devices are one of the top selling items. Salvage ships often have to fend off competitors trying to claim a wreck or pirates who search remote space for victims. As with smugglers, they develop a network of contacts and fences to move their wares.

3. Add large zones of explored space with random diplomatic / non-combat and exploration missions. Combat can occur on an exploration mission if, for example, teams from rival factions meet while exploring a planet for rare mineral deposits.

Also add large regions of unexplored space with random exploration and First Contact missions.