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02-14-2010, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by RIP-Gallows
Wow... you can get these things on the exchange for next to nothing. Quit your Beeching perhaps cryptic is trying to get people to think outside the box.

Finished this mission in less than 10 minutes and got a lot of points.

You're all a bunch of filthy space aliens. And stupid ones at that.
To you and Skinmeister. No matter how serious each of you were posting that.

How does this mission involve thinking outside the box? It doesn't. Buying from exchange doesn't count as such. Running to talk to NPCs and vendors is hardly a revolutionary new mission template.

Cost next to nothing? When I did the mission, the cost was basically 80k from exchange, which is double what buying from the NPC costs. Now, I bought from the NPC when I was headed to Earthdock for other reasons, rather than making the trip just to buy them. Of course, then I found out I needed the stem bolts too, so had to wait even longer to complete the damn thing.

Of course, when I finished the damn thing, I got like 155sp. For a mission that takes ages if you do it in one go, traveling to get the appropiate parts from the NPCs in the appropriate order without knowing beforehand what you need. And of course there's the cost. Plain stupid, and not worth the time.

The story of the quest itself was nice, but the whole implementation is just bad design, no ifs and buts about it.

EDIT: CivilPhil, the thing with this - and well, the aid missions - is that what captain would pay for this sort of thing out of his/her own personal "wallet"? While there's generally not much use for the Energy credits in the game, it's still effectively a waste especially for the repeatable quests. Aid missions is fine in theory, but when it involves something as silly as this, it ends up not worth doing.