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02-14-2010, 06:49 PM
Ummmm, dont have any short or mid term suggestions that havent already been covered so...

Long term.
Players should be able to choose the rank of their BOs (bridge officers), not the ship. For instance, a ship has a block of 3 BO stations, this block of stations has to have an ensign, thus this block will carry one ensign, one lieutenant, and one Lt. Commander, regardless of your rank and profession as a captain.
Players should be able to decide which rank goes in which station, and work down from there. thus you could assign say, a commander to a station, then a Lt. cmdr, then a lieutenant. or Cmdr, ensign, ensign.
for example: your on a big 'ole cruiser. you have a lot of engineering stations, but only a handful of tac and sci stations. but you wan t one of those cool tactical skills youve read about on a BO. so you make on of you tac officers a cmdr. of course you need to lower the ranks of all the other stations accordingly.

I think this would add A LOT of customization to the game. I personally would like to try a science captain on an escort class ship, but as it is, the game just doesnt seem to support such a combo (doesn't mean I wont try).

Oh, and I hate to go there but... naming a science officer on an escort or cruiser is sooooo in line with ST cannon.