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02-14-2010, 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
The max i could achieve with aux to battery II, was +85 to levels/power for 10s (thats with eng team III buff up)
That's pretty decent, I'd say, though I'd rather that the time got longer than 10 seconds.

But one thing to remember: when firing all your beams on a cruiser, it often brings your power level down from 100 (or wherever) down to 30 or something. But I have found with this battery on, my power level does not dip at all. So like, if it's boosting me over 125, then when the beams would drop it below 125 normally then they actually don't. I usually don't go below 105 power level to weapons when I have EPS + Emergency Battery + Emergency Power to Weapons, and that's with firing three beam arrays and one cannon at the same time on my cruiser. (Yes, I have a Phaser Cannon Mk II on the front of my Commander-level cruiser... yes, it lets you do that... I did it instead of turret because it's 180 but higher DPS, and having one less beam weapon makes the beams not kill my weapon power level).