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02-14-2010, 07:20 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Fan_101 View Post
As of late? No. Why bother? Since apparently Starfleet academy neglects to teach cadets basic concepts like "stick together" or "how to use the mini-map" I don't need a team to lose; I can lose just as efficiently while playing solo.
I consider a Groupd Crucial for PvP. Even more for feds.

on miminmap you do not see youre teammates when they are more than 30k away. Same for ingame. But when you are in Group you still see them. So how a group is needed to stik together after the first fedball is blown up.

I agree with op. Most disadvantages feds have come from inexpirienced players. 90& off tha klings have done nothing other than PvP until the current tier (e.g. T3) so every klingon has much PvP expirience in higher tiers. On fed side you still have PvP newbs at T2 and higher.