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02-14-2010, 07:21 PM
1) Short term I would like to see larger groups for raids, PvP, etc. Expansion of ships that could also be a place to hold more loot (cargo bay), more ship features on top of moving about the interior. Allied ships able to send/respond to distress signals by fellow players. Make some random encounters, more than the defend ones... even spacial vortex trap/puzzles...

2) Mid term I would like to see more reasoning for PvP such as key sectors can actually be taken over by the other side, able to put in defenses and the whole nine yards. Collecting rare things to adorn in your captain's quarters, medals, etc. Diplomatic type missions where you can actually not kill if possible by Fed, in other words more Federation type missions. Also add Klingon style missions to help learn more about them and remove some misconceptions. Add more exploration encounters with stuff we know of outter space, go examine and find out facts, danger of pulsars, black holes, quasars and all kinds of interesting things out in space!

3) Able to actually have multiplayer ships, complete with live crew at their stations like you would see in the shows! Of course the added strengths by being kept care of by multiple players - bonuses, separate cool downs, as examples. Oh and able to house some actual shuttles in the larger ships be great.