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Originally Posted by leolook View Post
i am not a kling so i dont know what i am talking about but i am guessing from the PvP i have done that the cloak dont drain power just lowers sheilds some or all the way (hard to tell since when i see a cloaked ship it looks like the sheilds are still up) anyway cloak uses lots of power thats why you cant fire wep's and you dont have sheilds (if you done have them) and there shude be a power drain. cloak shude work like full impulse and reverse speed a power drain and a slow recovery afterwords so if your cloaked to long then when you decloak you be in a state that will take a few sec's to recover from ... cloak was ment to be entered right befor combat ...jump out and hit and run ...for big ships it's just to get the 1st jump on us .... also there shude a small delay between decloak and sheilds up if you look at all the movies/shows there is afew sec's that it take the power to recover and get to the sheilds

yea i know the trolls are going to flame me but i dont care i was hoping for so much more out of this game ... a game i was waiting for ...for over 7 years think i heared them working on this back when SWG came out .... oh well maybe part 2 will be good
You shouldn't have to face trolls or flames when your stating your not sure what your talking about. At this point cloaking robs you of your shields. Any damage you take goes directly to your hull. You are still at full power. If in combat in Bird of Prey only, you can battle cloak, but it takes timing and tactics to pull off usually.

A) it does not clear you as a target for about 5 seconds. But it instantly takes down your shields. So if not executed right, then you will surely die.

B) it requires a healthy crew to accomplish full cloak, so you have to be pretty far away if injured to not be seen.