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02-14-2010, 08:00 PM
I'd just like to point out how stupid this thread is. The majority of people having issues with gold spammers. Never bothered me and i think your all a bunch of dummies if this is your number 1 concern. Especially since you hit 'ignore' twice and your problem is solved.

1. Bos getting stuck, falling through planet mesh, not following you properly
2. People: asking dumb questions, giving dumb answers, needing carebares, not reading quests, not looking at map... ie. 'where's sulu' Every ******n NPC will tell you where Sulu is... how dumb are you?
3. Not being able to fly 360 degrees in every axis
4. Report as Spam button (i've had to turn of zone chat as it seems I am considered 'SPAM'... again i refer to #2)
5. 8 year old out-dated engine.