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I just got promoted by Admiral Quinn, and I went through all the three processes to free new uniform, go to the ceremony ( optional ), and pick up my choice of new ship from Lt. Laurel on upper level at Shipyard. I chose my new and free Cruiser, having been using the old Light-Cruiser class for a long time now. But this is where it's messed up. I noticed my devices didn't increase as it should be 4 slots for devices, and my Ship aft weapon slots should be 2 slots and not still 1. Then I beam up to my ship and found it's still the old LIght Cruiser, so can anyone tell me what I missed to get the new ship?
Oh, and btw, I put all my ship equipments in my inventory BEFORE I picked the new Cruiser ship from Lt. Laurel for fear I may lose my old equipments. Was that the reason my new Cruiser class is not there yet? Can anyone tell me what am suppose to do to get this working right again? Am still at the Star Base at our SOL system.