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02-14-2010, 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by Woebetide
Boffs not being able to Path properly in Fire Caves, they'll start to go in a direction as a group then if one of them touches the other stop dead, meaning you have to guide them all manually through that instance the majority of the time.

YES... omg what a **** off that was. I just ended up soloing that one.
The amount of grief people shouted out before they fixed the borg war zone. People wanted you to not kill the repair hubs and wait for these Mysterious Repair Hulks that NOBODY EVER SAW, and if you shot at a repair hub which coincidentally adds a point to the mission goal you'd get alot of rather derogatory insults.
Funny thing is now that mission is fixed you do indeed shoot the repair hubs to finish the mission.
Excellent point. I was one of those peopel constantly being yelled at to not shot the 'repair facilities' lol.. bunch of idiots if you ask me. Anyone could have told them that the mission wasn't working properly'. Mysterious hulks my ass LOL.

Players saying they know best and calling others noobs for having a different weapon loadout than their own "UBER SPEC".
No biggie... everyone knows best right?

High level players farming fleet action zones intended for lower players. Admittedly I have done this a few times but only in retaliation, I have a couple of lowbies that need gear and having seen Rear Admirals lord it over a fleet action, it was the only way i was getting something.
Don't blame players for this... blame cryptic.
1. Items aren't BoP
2. No end-game content for Admirals (boredom)
3. due to #2, creating alts and 'farming' for them

I always do this but i also always pick out one or two 'noobs' who I see are struggling and unload most of my gear on them (stuff that i won't be using on my alt).

The amount of intolerance for people who don't speak English as their primary language. Gene Roddenberry would be turning in his grave sector chat is anything to go by. The amount of nastiness I've seen just because someone asked a question in their own native language astounded me. For a game based on Star Trek where Earth is peaceful and mankind works together there sure was a surprising amount of Xenophobia
Yeah, people don't seem to understand the /ignore function. Instead they /report and then I get locked out for 24 hours LOL.

Freedom of speech is dead in this game... Thanks to craptyc.