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02-14-2010, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Feanor12345 View Post
At the top of your power level box thing, theres those buttons that do full power to shields etc like you said, the one at the right lets you choose different power level boxes, choosing 3 lets you adjust the power levels manually. Is that what you mean?
That's probably what the OP means.

To elaborate, the basic numerical power window display is '1'.

'2' is just a graphical bar representation of the above, no extra functionality.

'3' lets you manually manipulate the sliders. Once you have a given slider at the point where you want it (the numerical setting is displayed when you move a slider), you can click 'lock' to fix that power setting in place, and then move the remaining sliders.

When you hit the 'save' button, it...well, saves the preset you just made. This overrides the current power preset. If you save a custom setting in place of 'Attack' (100 to weapons), the button that used to activate 'Attack' will now activate your custom preset.

You will need to configure your custom presets for each of your ships. When you earn a new ship, your power presets do not carry over.