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02-14-2010, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by dsaine19
Heh, yes, I'm actually alt+tabbing as lol. And I play on Starsider, no you can't mock me because the moment TOR comes out I'm getting the hell out of SOE's trashbin.
you must stop now! Listen to me.....they have corrupted you. You must turn back to the light! Please my child you can still be saved!! Your not doomed yet, just log off and eveything will be ok.

Starsider huh...hmmm I know a few on there that went you know.. Aceho? Yes when TOR comes out Ill be playing that. I have life sub here so no payments other then buying from the store for goodies. Ive already sent in my "application" for the beta for tor, hopefully ill get in