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02-14-2010, 10:35 PM
Not to mention with Science Officers having the greatest shield strength, they also get Viral Matrix still have a fair amount of firepower, couple that with other abilities to essentially stun lock you....its a recipe for un-godlyness. Right now, I can see so many people re-rolling Science since its the place to be right now. This is the part I hate about new MMos, the nerf hammer is being brought out hard and its been swung around widely without being tested.

Developers, please - for the love of everything sacred - Please be careful with the nerf hammer.

Originally Posted by Shabasquaia View Post
My shields go down by maybe 10% pre-nerf. My level of caring on such a nerf is somewhere between none and none.
Consider yourself lucky, for tacticals its like a 50+% shield nerf.