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These are just some suggested -- in my opinion needed -- changes for the Exchange.

Price Filtering - The ability to set max-min prices for your search results.

Sorting - The ability to change result sorting. Currently it sorts by recent first. Sorting should be able to switch between post age, Item Name, and Price.

MK - Currently there is a lot of trouble with searching for things by their MK. It would be best to have the MK as a drop down like rarity.

Paging Problem - When buying an item on any page other than the first, the game is losing the page and have to search all over again.

Other improvement possibilities brought up

Jump To Page - No real reason to have to flip through pages individually when you know which one you need.

Filtering By Rarity -- And Higher - Would be convenient to be able to show uncommon, and higher or rare and higher. Just a more complete feel for what you're looking for.

Coloured Name Text - Colouring the name of an item to coincide with it's rarity.

Filter Results - The Ability to filter your current search results. This is a useful way for people to look for something such as phaser cannons... Search "Phaser" then filter "Cannon".