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02-14-2010, 10:56 PM
I wish it was a glitch, unfortuntely it isn't. If it was a glitch, just that single shield would be glitchy, but I checked multiple shields ranging from really crappy Ensign one all the way through to the new Purple Ones from the Borg daily, on a tactical ship the shield values are all really low now, right now could almost spit at the shields and it'll bring them down...

I know its not a glitch, I was helping out a fleet guildie earlier today against -30 ships and they was damaging my shields like crazy, I'm glad I had my Ablative Armor installed.

Originally Posted by Gremnosh View Post
So, is this a officer class or ship class based nerf? Because I fly a tac officer in a cruiser and have not noticed any significant change in my survivability from pre-patch to this supposed nerf. So if it's a ship class based thing that hit the escorts the hardest it probably was done to prevent escorts from soloing enemy groups in fleet actions and hogging all the loot from there as I've seen happen more than once or twice.

Also it could've been an attempt at Cryptics idea of balancing that went horribly wrong. I can't really say since I only have played with my Tac flying Cruiser to captain 3 so far and thus have no insight to how things have changed for other classes.
From what information my guildies have given me, I'm pretty sure its a ship class nerf only.