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02-14-2010, 11:22 PM
At rear admiral I have my entire pallate of 3 filled up. That's without batteries because I need to put my three used target subsystem science ship abilities in there, as well as my 6 weapons so I can see when my torpedoes are up, and whether all my beams are firing. It would be a great improvement if option 3 didn't overwrite the weapon palette. As it is you only gain 6 slots partially over option 2. I say partially because 4 are always there, but they're just invisible in option 2. And regardless of your ship you'll be using all but two or three of your third row to monitor weapon status.

If option 3 didn't overwrite the weapons palette, I could have all my abilities in there and have 9 more slots for use at my discretion as I could see the status of my weapons and could simply click my target subsystem abilities to use them.