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This is the same silly mentality I see in other games where one side accuses the other of being dishonorable or cheap or whatever else, but the reality is people are the same on both sides.

Most common example is the cloak vs fedball. Klingons don't want to decloak to lose their tactical advantage. Feds don't want to leave their fedball to lose their tactical advantage. The number of cries and complaints I see on these forums based simply on games lasting 30 minutes or more are staggering. They lasted that long BECAUSE YOU LET THEM. It takes two to dance people, you can't have a 30 minute game unless you're contributing to it taking that long.

Klingons, if you don't want to sit there cloaked 30 minutes, go attack and lose. Feds if you don't want to sit there 30 minutes, leave the fedball and lose. You are all too prideful to simply leave or lose to end the game, you just expect the victory to be quickly handed to you for you to be satisfied, otherwise you all sit around wasting each other's time then feel the need to come to the forums and complain about a situation that you were just as responsible for as the people you are crying about.

Second, i've seen a lot of people complain about how klingons gank the feds 1 by 1 as they zone in and camp their zone in site to kill new players as they join the map. Well, it's true, they do. But guess what, feds do the exact same thing. It's a little less common, but I have been in several games where I was attacked by 5 feds just sitting at the zone in point as soon as I got in the game. Just because you lack the ability and opportunity to do it often, feds still do it as often as they can.

Klingons aren't all evil people who use underhanded tactics. Feds aren't always the sad crying victims they are mostly viewed as on the forums by the klingons. There is equal representation on both sides of all aspects of humanity from devil to saint.

So before you feel the need to go crying about how you spend an hour in an arena game, don't. Because it was as much your fault as it was your enemy's. That goes for both factions. And feds don't try to villify klingon players for killing you when you zone in because you would, and do, the same exact thing when the opportunity presents it's self.

Oh and one last logic fail a lot of people don't grasp is a lot of players play both sides. So the very people you're whinning about cloak grieving you one day could be running a fed mission with you the next day as well as being one of the nicest, most pleasant players you've met in the game and you wouldn't know it unless you actually /who every single klingon opponent you face to get their @handle.

That is all.