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02-15-2010, 01:05 AM
You can't use numbers and figures in Sector space as a valid argument.

none of the ship systems will show in sector space, only in an instaced system space.

your first screenshot is in System space, the second is in sector space.. take the screenshot again in Sector space and see what you get.

the numbers are glitched in sector space.

My shields are exactly the same today as when i bought them last week (purchased in advance) and the shield value is exactly the same as before.

Now the NPC's and AI have beem beefed up to interact with your equipment like shields regardless of what lvl you are, but my shields respond the same vs + 5 as they do vs -5.. the +5 have stronger weaps and drains my shields faster than the -5.. but the -5 can now drain my shields over time.. however I can usually handle 5 ships in my escort at - 5 like I did all night tonight. they barely got my shields down to 1/2 (unless they Alpha struck me with all weaps on my forward shields.. and even then my forward shields never "broke" though they came very close.

Shields are working fine. Stats in Sector Space are not. Stats in System space seems to me to be working just fine.