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02-15-2010, 03:41 AM
I know we have this posted on our forums as well and i have been taking sometime to think on some of the stuff that has been said. I am normally one for not comparing to other MMO's but for the ones i have played when it came to clans, guilds, fleets, etc the bank was always a major part of it. In STO the fleet bank should work like everywhere else i have been with. The first comes when u create the "Fleet" then every tab after that increases in price each time you buy a tab. Starts out low and gets more expensive as you get more tabs.

Also i noticed that fleets can make uniforms and Logos for ships. In other games when u create a community such as a fleet you are normally able to make a tabard or some such item to show off who u are. These things go cost currency but they are not that expensive. I would like to be able to slap the Fleet logo on the Hull of my Ship and would love to be involved with creating a Fleet uniform for all to wear if so choose. I however dont know if you are able to. I know i am with the 6th Fleet and i have yet to see these options. I dont know if it is a lack of currency. But this is one of those must have so we can "Flaunt" our look. Not just my fleet but every fleet. It is a nice thing to go into a space dock and see uniforms that you know. Also i dont know if i dont see it or if there is an options for this but i see you can have it for when u are on away missions to have it show your rank but i miss the Fleet name under mine. Fleets are goin to be a major part of this. As we as a gaming community start to grow fleets such as the 6th are goin to want to start doing the "end game" as of now content as a Fleet. It bring cohesion into a unit.

I know there are a lot of other things about the fleet such as permission in with the bank. But since i have not created my own fleet i am only saying what i see, and if i am just not seeing it then thats my mistake for not looking.

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