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02-15-2010, 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by Hundredth View Post
I think you're wrong. It was obviously meant to include pvp because there's a crude balance between abilities, ships and classes. That kind of balance you never see in a strict PVE game like dungeons&dragons online.

Also, having played a lot on both sides, I can clearly say that the skill-difference between the factions on average is staggering. Feds are extremely poor pvp players compared to klingon players, on average.
True, but a PvP faction is going to attract... PvPers. And I've met some bad Klingons, one trick ponies, and mediocre players on both sides, but the sheer amount of feds is gonna make things disproportional.

Funny enough, when some major PvE content comes, if ever, to the klingon side, you'll see things start to homogenize.