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02-15-2010, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by Raymartin
Im using the latest drivers and it makes my game run good , but when i close the program the screen goes completely black and I can,t do anything except wait for about 5 min for it to come back. Some times i have to reset.

XFX 9800 GTX
AMD Phenom Quad Core 9550
Win 7 64bit ultimate

Its really frustrating, also happens alot in **** when I alt tab, which you have to do alot in that game

I am running two monitors that are not the same size, could this be contributing to the problem ?

any input is appriciated
The black screen issue may be due to resolution/rendering changes. I have experienced a similiar issue in another game.. When it would crash the screen would go black (like the monitor lost the signal) and all I could do was ctrl-alt-del, S, enter (to reboot) as I could not see the screen any more.

Sadly I never found a solution.

On topic, I have an 8800 GT (overclocked) using the 195.62 drivers and have had no issues.