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02-15-2010, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by Hombold
I'm heavily disappointed as well. I have a Phaser/Tetryon Beam + Quantum torp build and on top of relying on blue and purple drops regarding phaser it is nearly impossible to get tetryon beam arrays.
I too went for tetryon and phaser build and yes the fact that Tetryon beams arrays cannot be purchased for any explore/pvp points anywhere or cannot be crafted is awful the beam arrays go for 200k for common on the exchange the green and blues I have seen cost around a couple of million which is just seriously flawed.

The explore and pvp point awards need to change to allow the user to purchase all type of weapons at green level make the blue items crafted and purple items through marks of exploration and honor with all the items having a chance to drop from loot this is a workable systems as far as I can tell.