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02-15-2010, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by krishatherley View Post
I've done all the missions Quinn has handed out and all i seem to be left with us patrol missions from Sulu. Ive also got contacts now at K7 who tell me to "go win a fight" or something like that, how do I do that and what fight am I meant to win?

Im lieutennant 6 and apparantly 101 skill points away from attaining Lieutennant Commander, so whats the best way for me now to get those last few SP's and get to the next level.

Once im there, am I given more missions?

Can you get skill points by just roaming around space and visiting systems? if you're not ordered to goto a system, and you visit one, is there a random kinda thing that means smething might be happening there?
New patrol missions seem to be unlocked based on your level and, sometimes, having completed a prior patrol mission first.

All the K7 missions are PVP, you queue for it by clicking the triangle icon on the upper right corner of your HUD.

If you're LT 6, you need a whole lot more than 101 skill points before you hit LTC. Either thats a typo or you misread it and are actually 101 from LT 7 or something. You won't hit LTC until you hit LT 11 so you have several more levels to go. When in doubt, just do exploration missions. Scroll through them and find the one that gives the most skillpoints, then find that area on your galaxy map, then just scan anomalies and do missions there repeatedly until new missions spring up.