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02-15-2010, 05:24 AM
don't bother with crafting. crafting is a joke.

cryptic has no experience and no real interest in doing crafting.

1. they need more than one crafting type. different specialization and professions.

2. again they have no experience with crafting. look at City of Heroes and Champions Online.

the items you get from crafting are worthless. because you can get the same item for less amount of effort and time. everybody is going to be crafting the same crap. so there is no uniqueness and no market.

its not the same as having somebody being a tailor, leatherworker, blacksmith. jewelcrafting, etc.
there are no unique receipes that will make people different from another person.

wait a year or two before even trying to mess with crafting. because they're not going to improve crafting any time soon.