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Looking at the timeline on MMOs, reading the posts of a great many folks whining on these boards, and understanding the lure of the Star Trek license, it's pretty obvious where a lot of the negativity comes from in this game. We've got a few groups of people here:

a) MMO Veterans from years back, who've been through the betas and the bugs and the updates and the "updates," and who understand that MMOs are vastly different from other types of games in that they aren't released as complete, self-contained gaming experiences. They understand that MMO companies all make the choice of exactly WHAT gets left out at release, and no one is 100% happy.

b) MMO Veterans who have allowed their years of playing one particular game spoil them, and cause them to forget the buggy, empty, boring opening periods... which weren't quite as boring to them back then, simply because it was their first time going through it. Now these folks expect every game to release at the level of an older, more developed game which they see through rose-colored glasses.

c) People who are not new to MMOs, but rather have only played MMOs AFTER release... so this is their first RELEASE MMO. As a result, they've never had to see the "sausage factory" before, so to speak. They're used to coming in after the work is done, and they mistakenly believe that's how it was from day one.

d) People who are brand new to MMOs, who will eventually be shuffled into one of the three categories above--not based on the game, but based on how the COMMUNITY makes them feel. Think back to your first game, especially those that played pre-Vent or TeamSpeak. It was that in-game guild chat that defined your feelings as a player.

So, let's not waste any further time attempting to reason with Category B or C people, while they focus on trying to poison Category D. Find those Category D people, help them out, and you'll find there are plenty of them to replace any of the B/C people still haunting these halls. Offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism--which means criticize it, but also provide an alternative or potential fix, not just some self-important ultimatum or "prophecy" of doom.


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