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02-15-2010, 05:15 AM
Yeah, how dare people expect some quality and a finished project.

How negative....

We are all Star Trek fanboys/girls. That's why we are here. We like Star Trek.

But you OP are a fanboi. Not to mention a whiny one whining about customers with issues, whom you've taken upon yourself to label them as whiners. I can see why others are so negative when it is you yourself that is just as negative if not moreso. That is too sad, but that has come to be expected of fanbois who are easily impressed by devs releasing content that should have been in the game from the start. Of course people like you applaud the way Cryptic has handled the Klingon faction(sic joke) as an example and think they can do no wrong with there being no room for improvement. You can applaud them for rushing the game before completion, just don't be so butt hurt when others think differently.

Honestly if you don't like discussions, you don't belong on discussion forums. Or if you want to pay everybodys sub that you want to shut up and be quiet, I would have no problem with your draconian views then. Otherwise, stick to the trolling and flamebait threads, you are doing a fine job of it.

Fanobys hate on the game and want to see changes.
Fanbois hate on those people over a video game.

There is only one negative group here.

You might want to start rethinking what you people are all about, it sure as hell isn't Star Trek.

*edited before the dumb mod can* I'm surprised the idiots mods haven't swooped into this one to cater to and defend their whiney baby patrol who spam the report button on peolple they hate.....