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02-15-2010, 05:26 AM
I'm planned on the following

joined trill - tactical
lib borg - engineer
vulcan - science
lib klingon - tactical

I've just recently turned captain with my joined trill and went heavy on escorts and the other 3 I've just created and will play again later. I'm sort of rushing my trill (skimming through text and such) so I've got access to everything and then I'll go back and probably do engineering and heavy on cruisers having learnt from my tactical. character. I'm still treating my trill as a proper character but rather than trial and error, I'm just finding out what I can do, better ways of doing things (like working on explore missions to give me access to better stuff and drag out the gameplay as opposed to a mission only approach and ). I didn't start boosting my BO's until late commander to see what BO's I get later and if they are better (not really just traits which don't stand out that badly) so next time I'll no leave it so late.

I don't know if I'd need more slots really as I only need 1 maxed out character on each side but when other factions are released THEN will be when I'll have to either free up slots of want more slots.