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02-15-2010, 07:05 AM
b) MMO Veterans who have allowed their years of playing one particular game spoil them, and cause them to forget the buggy, empty, boring opening periods... which weren't quite as boring to them back then, simply because it was their first time going through it. Now these folks expect every game to release at the level of an older, more developed game which they see through rose-colored glasses.
Yeah ... I am probably from this camp I guess. I don't want to be however.

I played from when EQ was first released - through all the expansions. Played SWG at release. Played ALOT of games at release, but trust me, I have never forgotten the 'buggy, empty, boring opening periods' because every new release of an MMO I pick up - it's ingrained into me that this is what I am expected to endure. It just depends on how broken the game is at launch that will determine how long it's going to keep me interested.

However, I really would have thought that by now software companies, and probably more importantly their distributors, would have realised that to succeed in creating a new MMO you need to minimise the 'buggy, empty, boring opening periods'. Fair do's, this game was on a tight schedule from day one and constantly pushed in it's developement time. It's very apparent to players of MMO's old and new, that there are quite a few bits lacking and alot that simply does not make sense.

If only one of the companies involved in this release had the guts to say - 'No. we will not release the game until we are satisfied that we have content, for the majority, that will last until we are ready to push out the next expansion. Let the players wait an extra few months .. it will be more than worth it !' instead of the standard - 'Ship it out, recoup some investment, see if it sinks or swims - release the rest of the stuff as an expansion'.

I am more from camp E I think. - " MMO Veterans who have played various games from release, causing them to fear the buggy, empty, boring opening periods... which, let's face it, we will always sit through as we really do expect it, simply because it we are forced to. Now these folks would expect every game to release at the level of an older, more developed game because isnt about time that actually happened ?.