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02-15-2010, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by xMentalxLintx
a) MMO Veterans from years back, who've been through the betas and the bugs and the updates and the "updates," and who understand that MMOs are vastly different from other types of games in that they aren't released as complete, self-contained gaming experiences. They understand that MMO companies all make the choice of exactly WHAT gets left out at release, and no one is 100% happy.
I don't fit so comfortable into your categorization. Mine would be...

e.) MMO and MUD Veterans who've been through many betas and understand the MMO development cycle. They may or may not complain within each MMO community, but they've learned to enjoy what comes down the pipes. But with all of that experience behind them, their MMO expectations grow every year. When they are not met, they voice their concerns. When they are exceeded, they rejoice just as loud as the next fanboy.