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02-15-2010, 07:20 AM
Well as theCorvus said there are rank limits for BO stations on every ship starting at T2.

For instance your T2 Escort has a Lieutenant Tactical BO station, an Ensign Tactical BO station, an Ensign Science station and an Ensign Engineering station.

Now what that means is that whichever tactical BO you assign to the Lieutenant station will be able to use their first two BO space abilities (ensign and Lt abilities) assuming that BO is Lieutenant rank. The other three BOs will only be able to use their Ensign abilities in their stations even if they are all Lieutenants.

There is no way to change this short of switching to another ship. All T2 ships are set up the same way, but the science ship has a Lieutenant Science BO station and a Cruiser has a Lieutenant Engineering BO station instead of a Lieutenant Tactical station. All other stations are still Ensign rank and thus only Ensign BO abilities can be used from those stations.

At T3 this changes. An Escort has a Lieutenant Commander Tactical station, an Ensign Tactical station, a Lieutenant Science station, and a Lieutenant Engineering station. So the abilities you gave your science and engineering BOs will be available at commander rank on a T3 escort, but the second Tactical officer will still only have access to their ensign ability.