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02-15-2010, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by Lithomed
What a biased, pathetic thread. You, OP, and the rest of you that think like him/her are the reason our hobby has become the land of buggy, unfinished crap that MMOs are today. Since you accept a low-quality product you GET a low-quality product. Until you pull your collective heads out of your backsides and start voting with your wallet we will never improve the stat of MMOs.

The mental accrobatics you people will go to in order to justify the junk MMOs are today is astounding.
That depends on what your definition of quality is.

Mine personally is whether I enjoy the game I'm playing or not and right now I'm enjoying STO - if that changes I'll move on to something else, no big deal.

Other games I've moved on from:

SWG (voted with my wallet 'cause the NGE sucked)
MxO (voted with my wallet 'cause SOE fired the Live Events team and introduced loads of bugs that weren't in there at launch)
EQ2 (voted with my wallet 'cause I got bored real quickly with it)
GW (stopped playing 'cause I found it dull)
CO (voted with my wallet and cancelled my sub 'cause I didn't like it)

There probably others that I've forgotten but just because I like STO doesn't mean I'm a blinkered fanboy that'll take whatever Cryptic dish out - if the game gets worse then I'll find something else to play, right now it's way too early to tell what STO will eventually end up being.

If you feel this strongly about the current state of STO then I'd suggest you're playing the wrong game.