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02-15-2010, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by Marklarr View Post
This is my last reply as you are simply being a brick wall that thinks he is right all the time.

"If you want to come and defend your fleet, thats fine. Don't try to make up excuses that are flat out lies to what occured. [b]Let it be clear what they did was cloak griefing"

How can you be 100% this is what they were doing, the ONLY and i mean ONLY way to be 100% is for one of them to say so, they havn't so ther is always a 1% chance that something else had come up. DO not work in absolutes, it just meakes you look silly.

At the moment, all you are really doing is giving yourself a bad name as an imense **** for trying to do it like this, bring the point u p that this is happening, don't bother shaming people, ti could of been brushed off as the XXXXXXXth time this has happened, but you decied to try and shame people, grow up.

You are obviously not reading the post either, you ask how we are setup, who is organizing the fleet, this was told to you about 6 posts ago that things like this are dealt with and when we have the full story im sure a proper decision will be made, once again you just made another low punch to try and have a go at a fleet.

Thankfully your forum name is hopefully your ST account name, so i can ignore you yay, why can't this function be put on the forum? But i do suggest yopu got take your arrogant, elitist attitude somewhere else and constructivley bring up points in future so they get addressed instead of made a laughing joke out of because you don';t know how to play nice.

Im playing nice and i don't want to get angry, end of transmission


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Enough of this garbage, Read the thread.

My fleet mate was attacked by all 5 of your cloak griefing fleetmates as we were warping out.
He did post that if you would read.

What does this say about your fleet, man must of been a Serious emergency.....

But seriously , keep going. Fleet defending fail blind trolls of fail. Sound about right?