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02-15-2010, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by KutsusOG
You say you make them fight for the win, but apparently that sentiment isn't held for all of your fleet. Forcing people to leave because you sat far away cloaked for 15 minutes is a pretty cheap tactic no matter how you look at it. It keeps both sides from getting any points for the battle and doesn't prove anything except you are unwilling to take a loss here and there. Most feds will stay for that long because like you said, ques are long and they need pvp points just as much as you do. They simply expect you to feel the same way and want to actually finish each PVP match you go into which apparently isn't the case with some of you. Sometimes griefing takes precedence over character development, right?

Premades bail on you all the time, huh? Is that because they are worried about the death penalty, or their coveted PVP stats, or maybe they are worried they won't get medals if they lose to your amazing team? No... there are no PVP stats, death penalties, and weird... they get points win or lose. I doubt they have ANY reason to bail unless you force them to by not engaging in a fight with them which judging from this thread, seems likely.
They leave because they dont want to change there spec's to deal with a carrier, there looking for the easy win or fast points..

Nothing about Ego here, I get stomped more than I win in my carrier lol , its just lame haha.. Im forced to do daily quest in pvp maps where TURNING is a MUST .. lol i cant turn , so im nothing but a GIANT whale out of water waiting to be killed , dont here me going on forums QQ..

and Kutus you know me , we have pvp many times .. No Soup For You !! =P

All im saying is , he didnt have to wait , not like he is locked into the map , if its taking to long for his taste , bail, re Q, move about your merry way , pretty simple really ..

Whats Really Funny is more Feds post in the klingon forums than klingons haha, I find that sorta funny, but im kinda weird like that =)