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02-15-2010, 07:41 AM
So what you're saying is that basically people in category D aren't capable of making their own judgement and rely on others to do it. These people also aren't capable of using the internet, google or anything else.

Heaven forbid that a new player would play an MMO, understand that MMO launches are often beset with teething problems, yet bin the game because the gameplay is shallow, repetitive and lacking in any form of menaingful entertainment. Good Lord surely there isnt someone out there who's receptive to server downtime, various bugs but just thinks the game's worthy of nothing more than the bargain bin.

New players don't need grizzled old MMO vets spouting off that this game is all of the criticism's above. Bar being blind it's blatantly obvious when you actually play it for more than ten minutes. People can sit there and fabricate this odd crusade against people with a negative opinion until the cows come home, however the test is that if a product is that good then the word soon gets around despite the guarenteed negative press and comments. You can rattle your sabre as much as you like but if the product is rotten at its core then no amount of fanboy support for new players will disguise the fact.