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02-15-2010, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by Lithomed
What a biased, pathetic thread. You, OP, and the rest of you that think like him/her are the reason our hobby has become the land of buggy, unfinished crap that MMOs are today. Since you accept a low-quality product you GET a low-quality product. Until you pull your collective heads out of your backsides and start voting with your wallet we will never improve the stat of MMOs.

The mental accrobatics you people will go to in order to justify the junk MMOs are today is astounding.
Well, thats actually what i thought when i read this thread.

PLUS. It is so damn arrogant to set himself higher than all the other, thinking to be better than those "normal guys" or those who actually see that this game is just repetitive and shallow. The point that MMOs evolve is no excuse for releasing an unfinished product. You can make roper content and evolve it afterwards.

PLUS the excuse that other MMOs are shallow is no excuse too. Just because they wrote books over hundred years with their hands doesnt mean that this is the best way to do it.

PLUS i pay every month for an complete and finished expnsion besides havin paid as much money as for an complete and finished full game. Therefore i could expect some quality.

I dont want to wait a year until a game is interesting and always repeating the mantra i hear in this forum "It will all be good, MMOs have to be shallow."

I enjoy parts of the game so far. But i think it wont keep me on the computer for more than two month. And in this timeframe no major changes are planned.