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02-15-2010, 08:29 AM
First off, I can't believe people are actually suggesting Cryptic bring in Mods. I don't like playing a game where Big Brother is constantly watching over my shoulder - nor do I like a game where a ****y and disgruntled player can complain about me simply because I creamed them in a match.

The other day I played Borg Hunt and despite having three other teammates, I had to personally scan all 8 nodes and destroyed two of the repair hubs before a ******** Fed player dragged a few cubes in my direction and then sped off and then proceeded to tell his Fed buddies to hunt me down because I was obviously the only one playing the match. Naturally I got frustrated and let the profanity fly. The point is that the people who behave dishonorably are also the ones most likely to provoke you into breaking the rules. I don't want a ***** like the player above screwing up my match and then getting me banned after I call him what he is: a *****. This game doesn't need unpaid, unmotivated Mods, arbiturarily punishing people - it needs players like the OP to be a little less sensitive and recognize that dishonorable play is a function of gaming in general - not the mechanics of this game in particular. People are going to weasel you out of victory and attack you when you're unprepared. You'll lose in ways that seem incredibily unfair and you'll want to punch people in the nose for it. Its a game, let it go and deal with it.

Second, I don't like the idea of punishing players for sitting a match out under cloak. I've been in matches where the Klingon players refuse to cooperate and then just fly into the Fed Ball like rabbits diving into an industrial blender. I'm not going to die simply because they're too stupid to think. I wait, I pick a few people off, I cloak and get away. That is how you beat the Fed Ball.

And finally, can we not bring the intracies of war philosophy into the mix? You're right, the Cryptic designers probably haven't read the Art of War. Neither have the thousands of other players playing this game. I don't think Captain Lolzor of the USS PwnRanger is going to behave in the same manner as a battle hardened general doing everything in his power to protect the lives of his men and bring victory to his side - so perhaps it would be better to treat this as, uh, I video game filled with teenagers and nerds rather than a serious engagement.