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02-15-2010, 10:36 AM
The supersized BoPs first appeared during the second season of TNG and were called "cruiser" in "A Matter of Honor" and "battlecruiser" in "Yesterday's Enterprise"
They were used in those episodes because the Vor'cha model was not yet available.
The one in "A Matter of Honor" looks about 250 meters in comparison to the Enterprise-D while the ones in "Yesterday's Enterprise" were somewhat larger, about 350 meters in length.
That can be estimated in the scene where one passes over the Enterprise.
Presumably someone decided that sich big ships should not have adjustable wings (just imagine motors as big as the Warp drive just to change the position of the wings).
Althoug there is also rumor that by that time the motor that had been installed in the model for Star Trek 3 was broken.
Anyway portions of the battle in "Yestarday's Enterprise"were reused in "Redemption", particularly the scene where the BoP blows up and the other passes through the cloud of flame.
In this video at about 2:05

There was also another gigantic 700+ meters version that appeared in "The Defector" there you can see two of them [behind two Romulan Warbirds and they are nearly as wide.
There is a large article about that here:

I find it more likely that the K'vort, as it was called in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and again in DS9 "Penumbra", will be the missing Klingon T2 cruiser, even though in that case I would prefer the 220 something meters large (or rather small) K'tinga at T2 and the 350 meters K'Vort at T3.