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# 1 Where is Off Topic then?
02-15-2010, 11:29 AM
Seeing that the topic that was off topic is now closed because it was off topic, where do the Off Topis types officially go? Ten forward is a "Introduce yourself, share fan art, fan fiction, role play" area assimungly a RP area (dont let that fool you though, if you try it even there you'll get flamed back out again. Its a MMOG not a mmoRPG after all). The off topic area seems to have vanished, and the moderator that closed it meresly said talk about STO, and didnt give a location to take off topic stuff TO. Id LIKE to see a Off Topic area, so they dont post here, or in Ten Forward.

By the way, wouldnt it have been more productive to move the thread where youd rather have it rather than locking it outright?