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02-15-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Lordzog
I bet his game would have melted my nVidia 295 BFG if I didnít catch it in time. I turned the graphics res up to full in game, after all, the cards designed for heavy graphics, after a while, I could smell what smelt like burning rubber, I went to check the gpu and it was running at about 80 degreeís, possible more while i was in melee, the cpuís are running at 50 degreeís. No other game causes my gpu to go berserk. Iím now running this game at the 1st lowest setting for high fps. The graphics do look really cool in max, but not much chance of me seeing them again without melting my gpu
my 275 gets up to 75-85 while playing and it has no problems at all at those temperatures...sounds like bad components in your GPU.