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02-15-2010, 10:38 AM
I have a stock EVGA GTX 285/Win7 64t/E8500 processor and all good quality parts. I'm using the latest NVIDIA release drivers from their site. I've also gone to microsofts site and downloanded the latest's release of the directx redistributable. 9.0C dated 2/5/2010 and installed that (there is another thread on that topic)

I've also loaded the game up in an XP 32 bit partition same hardware... same result so we can't blame this one on Windows 7.

I put the switch into the advanced setitngs of the launcher /perframesleep 10 In the game I set everythign to max then turned on vertical sync turned shadows off and dynamic lighting off and play in a maximized window.

Runs cool, decent quality, crashed maybe once every 4-5 hours of play.

When I was using the older Nvidia drivers I was crashing once or twice per hour.

Now between everything I have done and the things Cryptic has done with all their updates I am not really sure what made it better. The fact I have to do all this to play without burning up my card and locking up several times per hour is pretty bad. You folks are onto something good here, get better before you mess up this game please. I really mean that in a more positive way than I know it sounds.