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02-15-2010, 11:34 AM
To sum it up smaller BoPs can fold their wings in three positions:
horizontal for cruise
down for attack, even in atmosphere, like in DS9 Season 7 "Once more unto the Breech"
as can be seen here (no good quality, but the best I could find:

and folded slightly upwards for landings.

Even if the engine does not permit moving parts it might be nice to have them folded up on the galaxy map, which is as clos to cruise mode as it gets and there is no fighting.

It would appear that the larger BoPs have their wings fixed and are most likely not designed for planetary landings...although the Intrepid class is, I doubt the mosterBops can if their wings cannot be adjusted.
Assuming the K'vort becomes part of STO I would like to see at least slight changes to the textures like
larger amounts of smaller windows and a different plating pattern, like on the K'Tinga has more nd smaller plates, to reflect that it is indeed a bigger ship.
And perhaps some indicaton that this ship has some additional weapons on its hull, especially since it is most unlikely that even the Kligons would build such a big ship with limited maneuverability compared to the smaller BoPs with only two forward disruptors and one torpedo launcher.
Not even the Klingons are the "forward oriented".