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02-15-2010, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by Rusty_Diodes
It is a fair (not great) story, but it utterly fails to explain how a supernova will destroy the galaxy (probably because it WOULD'NT).

The idea that red matter could create a black hole is silly, too. Black holes destroy with gravity; gravity is based on mass; mass is a constant. A planet contains a tiny fraction of a percent of the mass required to generate enough gravity to create a black hole. Red matter can be carried in a ship in large quantities (as shown in the movie). Ergo, one planet plus one drop of red matter does not equal black hole.

In any case, the moronic supernova hypothesis is a far greater problem.

Well... like I said before, I agree it's silly, but ST has never been accused of being scientifically accurate, not to mention it is fiction afterall. No point really to analyze something that's fake to begin with and compare it to known reality, imo. If we were to do that... how about why is there even sound during the space battles? No air in space, thus no sound in space. However, it's a movie... a fictional one at that... and I want my entertainment. lol

Just sayin...