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02-15-2010, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by Liquidious
I would suggest you get a system monitor up and running before you play. Watch you peek temps. A one year old pc has had plenty of time to collect dust and what not to plug heat sinks which will overheat your system causing the game to crash to desktop and leave you thinking it was the game.. This game is gpu heat machine regardless of settings. This was a problem I was having. Old Pc , soon to upgrade so I get lazy and don't clean it as often as I should , bam half pluged sinks and overheating. Cleaned it up , temps dropped 15c and all things are good.

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I got a warning for asking a guy why he was trolling and flaming people calling them Fanbois when the said guy had Kid spock as his Avatar and a whole essey of RP in his Sig.

So I'm guessing this was an equally pointless block and edit.

Why don't the trolls and flamers get banned etc ?? I love the game, I pity the CP staff