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02-15-2010, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by Metricsimpleton View Post
I was dropping quests as I went because they no longer offered a challenge and my quest log was full. I still re
I'd just like to point out most of those quests were/are "kill x of y" or "get x off of y" or my least favorite "take x to y", all with very slow travel involved. Yeah, i get that some of the quests here are like that, but it wouldn't really make this game better to extend leveling time and repeating more and more of the quests. And personally i didn't care a lick for the lore or story of WoW, bland fantasy for the most part, your opinion may vary, and with addons telling where quest objectives were, i got to the point of just racing through them. I can go from character creation in WoW to cap in two or three weeks. I've done it, just to see how fast. It's easy, but boring.

Guild Wars has a quick cap, and while i can't really stand that game, people enjoy it after cap. I haven't hit cap here yet, so i don't know what happens or what you can do, but there is more to life and games than hitting cap.


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