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02-15-2010, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by CommanderReed
OP you listed a lot of good points in your post. I think the reason you are moving on though is because of a lack of content. If I read it right.

Ive personally barely been playing because I dont want to reach end game. Ive realized how short the game actually is and it worries me. I was hoping to play STO for a good long time. But Im not sure if its really possible to PLAY STO for a long time.

The game is short. People are reaching Admiral easily long before even one month has gone by. Then there is nothing really to do. And its made worse by the fact there is such a limited number of character slots for alts.

Im beginning to think that this games downfall may very well be the severe lack of content. What content that is there is great in my opinion (some things could use some polish). But is there enough of it? I dont think so.
That is much more of a nutshell than I managed... so thanks

That is it really, I LOVE blowing things up and I don't really care that it isn't the modus operandi of Starfleet to go around blowing up everything that moves. But I just want some new adventures to go on. Time will provide that for sure, I really hope that the game lasts long enough to see it added.

And yes. I do realize that by pulling my personal funds from the game I am not helping in any way.

I am selfish. I apologize.

I am not 100% on my leaving to be honest, I just see no reason to continue subscribing at this point because there isn't much else to do other than build a science officer or something and try out some new skills while doing the same content again.