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02-15-2010, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by LegionLMN View Post
That was down to the fact of different races though rather than an over abundance of clontent. Blizzard needed to have content for each race that eventually joined at some point. This led to lots of low level content. I remember quite clearly the late 30's and early 40's were quite low on playable content.

That having been said, count how many hours you have expended on the game and you will probably think differently. Modern Warfare cost me 40 and was complete in 7 hours of game time, With no replay value other than Spec Ops and online.

We tend to play things we enjoy a lot, not many people can sit down and finish a game from start to finish as quickly as we do and so it some ways we are own worst enemy. To slow myself down I created an alt, and to be honest, I',m finding the game just as enjoyable the second time around.

I'm not sure what people expect when they finish a game outside of normal playing times and then find nothing. You need to give Dev's a chance to put content into the games.
I admit I am probably hitting a road block that the great majority of players won't hit all things considered. This is the maiden voyage of the game and the trials and tribble-ations (word play) we are going through won't exist later.

As to the WoW comment, I agree. There was a lot of low end content but I still found plenty to do. I was hesitant to make the correlation because the two games are NOT the same and that is a good thing. There needs to be variety because if Cryptic were setting out to make a WoW clone it would have failed. Miserably. That genre is pretty played out.