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02-15-2010, 02:04 PM
Superb post.

One thing I would add to reinforce the inroduction.

PVE is set up so that you will win 95%+ of the time. In PVP, you will ose 50% of the time against opponents who are your equal ,and more than that against opponents who are more experienced or more skilled than you. when you start out in PVP, almost EVERYBODY will be more skilled and more experienced than you.

Expect defeat, accept it gracefully, learn from it - and then you will find it happens less often. If, however, you go in expecting victory as your right (as you do in PVE) and throw your toys out of the pram whenever you lose, then you are going to find yourself disappointed and upset a lot of the time.

The best philosophy is to find joy in a well-fought battle, win or lose. It's sweeter to win, of course but even the best team can't count on that every single time.