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02-15-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Metricsimpleton View Post
As you didn't elaborate as to which things I mentioned being in the game that are there already I can't discuss that, but I am actually playing right now. I didn't rush anything, I simply played the game more than you did. there are 24 hours in a day and because I have the free time I spent more of them on the game than you.

I did every mission offered me, if you would suggest that I simply sit at Sol and ponder the implications of my actions then I don't see how that could add anything to the game.

There are others that did indeed rush through the game, making RA in 3 days. By comparison my trip through STO was a slow drive on a winding road.

You do imply that I have in some way missed 5/6ths of the game by stating that I watched "20 minutes of a 2 hour movie" If I am missing 5/6ths of the game I would kindly like you to expand on that and tell me where the other 60 sectors are at that I somehow missed. I have already explored 12 of the supposed 72 sectors you imply exist.

My guess is that you seek to attack me directly and in your blind rage you have pulled numbers out of someplace dark. Maybe moist.

As to the implication (and slander) against my ability to find work. It doesn't deserve comment. I believe there is a bridge somewhere requiring your presence under it.


I just read my post again and there is nothing in my post that suggests new features, simply some of the same content as we already have and more information to the systems already in place. So disregard this reply. Clearly this was just a troll and attack on me personally and it shouldn't have been acknowledged at all. I will leave it though because sometimes you have to feed the trolls. I would suggest that instead of assuming I am attacking the game you should read the post and form a reply that isn't a soapbox for your own agenda.
I wasn’t attacking and just because I disagree with you does not make me a troll. I gave you no numbers so there for I did not pull them from any orifice on my or anyone else’s body. In your post you stated that you did every mission assigned to you and this is the nature of the problem I am sure that if I spent all my time just doing what I was assigned to do I would be at the end of the game too. My point is that if you play an MMO like a stand alone game you are going to be disappointed every time all games have a start and end point it is what you do between that provides the enjoyment.

I have repeated many missions since I have a friend that has not done them yet and really enjoyed that time since I could fool around due to my higher level skills.

I due have to say I am sorry about the unemployment comment, but hearing someone say they can not find a job makes me throw up a little in my mouth since I have done work that I would not wish own my worst enemy, because I do not feel right about take money from others who are working.